Monday, October 21, 2019

Roberto Clemente essays

Roberto Clemente essays There are no heroes, there are men who achieve deeds of heroic dimension (43). Those words that Gallico said describe what a hero for me is. To achieve deeds of heroic dimension a person need to have qualities of heroic dimension such as self sacrifice, perseverance,and going beyond the normal. Roberto Clemente Walker is the hero that I picked. Clemente was born in Barrio San Anton in Carolina, Puerto Rico in August 18, 1934. He was an African-American Puerto Rican who suffered prejudice but overcame it successfully. He had a very difficult life but he still prevailed as an extraordinary baseball player and as a person. Clemente is a hero with the heroes qualities of self sacrifice, perseverance, and going beyond the One of the most important qualities of a hero is self sacrifice and fortunately my hero has it. Clementes self sacrifice when helping others was outstanding. He even died trying to help others because of an earthquake in Nicaragua in 1972. Clemente decided to go and take them medical supplies, clothing and food even though the weather was extremely bad. His airplane crashed just after take off and Clemente and all the passengers died. Another example of Clementes self sacrifice involves his carrer. No one gets to his level without hard work, and Clemente was not an exception. He practiced so he could be the. He said I want to be remembered as a player who gave all he had to give (4). Another important quality of a hero is perseverance and Clemente had a lot of it.Clemente was an African-American Puerto Rican trying to reach the major leagues. At the time he played, there was a lot of prejudice against African-Americans and even more against Puerto Ricans. Despite that prejudice, Clement ignored all people critics and reach the highest level a ...

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