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Interpretive Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Interpretive Paper - Assignment Example In this sentence, the active verbs that have been identified include take, go, and offer. In this sentence, the cause and the effect have also been displayed. The cause in this case is taking your son where as the effect is offering the son as a sacrifice. In the third verse, Abraham woke up early in the morning, has his ass saddled, then took two young men and his son. The first observation in this sentence is a list. The list is identified when Abraham took two men and Isaac. The sentence shows out some active verbs including rose, took, cut, arose, and went3. The passive voice that has been displayed is saddled. In the third verse, Abraham lifts up his eyes and found out that the place was a far off. After this Abraham told his young men to remain with the ass as he and the lad went yonder to worship the Lord. Abraham took the burnt offering, wood, and had it laid on Isaac his son. He then took a knife and fire in his hands. At this instant, Isaac asked the father where the lamb w as as they already had wood and the fire4. Abraham responded to his son’s question by ensuring him that the lamb for the sacrifice would be given out by God. They then went ahead together. In this regard, the lamb is a figurative speech. The lamb represents a sacrifice of salvation that the human race need to give it willingly to God. Another observation in these sentences is the use of passive and active verb. Some of the active verbs include stay, go and worship among other verbs. After arriving at the place where God had directed Abraham, he established an alter, laid the wood, bound his son Isaac, laid him on the alter on the wood5. This statement represents a list of items such as establishing an alter, laying wood, and bounding Isaac. After this, Abraham took a knife and was ready to slay Isaac. Before he slaid his son, an angel from the God called him and asked him not to do anything to him, as the Lord had already confirmed that Abraham feared the Lord from the fact t hat he did withhold his only son. When Abraham looked behind him, there was a ram. He took the ram then offered it as a sacrifice. He then named that place that God would provide. Then the Angel of God called Abraham the second time. He said to him that, though, he had sworn because Abraham did that, and did not withhold his only son. He added that he will bless him, multiply his descendants, like heaven stars, and as the seashore sand. He also added that Abraham descendants would possess their enemies’ gates. Abraham descendants in all the earth nations would bless themselves as Abraham had obeyed God. After this Abraham returned towards his young men and they rose, went together to Beer-Sheba thus Abraham lived in Beer-sheba. The main topic in this chapter is that God normally tests his people. In the chapter, Abraham was tested by God. His name was changed from Abram which meant exalted father towards Abraham that meant a multitude’s father6. In this chapter, God as ks Abraham to pursue something that was going to tamper with his new name. The words ‘Here I am’ is an idiom from Hebrews that in meant to mean availability. The next words to identify is ‘the land of Moriah’ that could be interpreted to mean the land of worship. A burnt offering is a term of Hebrews that could be replaced by the term holocaust which implies a sacrifice that is totally burned7. When Abraham work up early in the morning, it means there was no hesitation in walking up that

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