Thursday, October 24, 2019

Patient Interview Essay

There are many components to consider a patient interview to be effective. During the workshop week in Toronto, I have learned those basic yet very essential components through the enactment presented. Firstly, it is really important to establish a good rapport when dealing with patients. A good rapport can create a relationship that is built on trust and commitment. Through this, patient can share private medical information without hesitations. An example of this was when the pharmacist greeted the patient and asked how can she be of help. She also showed empathy when she found out that the patient was in pain and told the patient she’d prepare the prescription right away. Listening is also an essential component. As a health care provider, listening gives the opportunity to know their needs and concerns. Acknowledging what the patient is really saying, maintaining eye contact, and recognizing and using body language are some of the things that I need to consider. If these are all effectively met, I think that this would help patients in becoming more involved with their medications/treatments, thus producing a positive patient outcomes. The probing or the way I ask question to patients also plays a vital role. It is important that I ask questions in a sincere way to obtain needed information or to just simply clarify something. Asking open-ended questions will help elicit relevant answers from the patient and not just â€Å"yes/no† answers. An example would be when she asked for allergies and asked for the specific kind of reaction that she had. Lastly, feedback is a must. Before ending the interview, asking for a feedback will allow me to check if the patient really understands what was taught. . An example of this was when she asked the patient how she would be taking the medication. This will help to reinforce adherence and make the patient to be involved in the treatment, reducing or eliminating chances of non-compliance. Patient interview is very important for a positive treatment outcome. It is not a simple process but I do hope that as I go along, I would be able to utilize all these components and achieve an effective patient interview.

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