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Emotional Disturbance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Emotional Disturbance - Assignment Example Low and below average intelligence level may also indicate mental problems in children. A typical development is exhibited by children whose behavior is dissimilar or differs from the normal or expected range of development. Such children display unusual behavior from their peers (Breslau, Staruch & Mortimer, 2002). Care should be taken to establish if the unusual behavior is a reflection of the child’s personality or weaknesses that are of concern. Atypical behavior should be carefully noted and recorded as it may affect a child’s future development. The resilience factors are individual traits that help a person to adapt to adversity and stress. These factors may be displayed in the ability to make plans and follow them. Maintain positive self-concept and confidence in your ability. Being able to communicate and ability to manage strong emotions and impulses. Mental disturbance affects a child’s learning process. Emotional disturbance, disruptive behavior and aggressive behavior slows down the child’s thoughts. For example, inability to follow a teacher’s instruction may mean that the child doesn’t learn anything at all. Thus, mental disturbance affects the classroom functioning for the child and others in the class. Disruptive behavior such as aggressiveness interrupts learning. The recommended intervention involves reassuring the aggressive child that there is no danger so that they stay calm. Constant monitoring of their performance and paying attention to them in class may reduce their defence mechanisms. Additionally, guidance and counseling may be very useful (Trout et al, 2000). The English learner modifications needed involves holding special lessons for these children to repeat what was said in class. The teacher should use language or learning materials that are specifically designed for such special need students. The

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