Monday, October 7, 2019

Joan Robertson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Joan Robertson - Essay Example This paper will look at some of her contributions, and how they impact the lives of modern economists presently. One of the main contributions by Joan Robinson in economics was made in monetary economics. In this contribution, it is believed that Robinson showed a deep understanding of the complexities that face the financial world. In her works in monetary economics, she provided the world, and especially developing worlds, with a comprehensive and original analysis on the links that envelop the macroeconomy and the financial system (Thomas 34). Economists and people studying the economy are able to learn a lot about money, finance, and the credit system that is present in every economy. The structure of interest rates is described in most of her works which allow even the most average of person(s) to comprehend the nature of the financial system, hence; become better at dealing with money and the financial sector. In another area, she is attributed with starting a battle against neoclassical economics. In this war, it is believed that Robinson led people to understand microeconomics and the functioning of the capital theories that existed. The reason why she decided to start this was because of the manner in which the much younger economists in the region could alter their models to suit the political desires and moods present in the different regions. In this contribution into the field of economics, Robinson led people into understanding the Keynes school of thought by trying to bring out the aspect of employment during the Great Depression in the 1930s (Aslanbeigui and Oakes 46). She immersed herself in the works of Keynes, bringing to life Keynes’s General Theory despite having had success in her previously done works. Lastly, it would be worthwhile to mention that Robinson’s love for economics led to the origin of countless books that discuss the nature and standing of the

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