Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Thesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Thesis - Essay Example GOD created human being as a reflection of him. There are some scholars according to Toulmin who believe that god created us so that we can rule his creation, therefore human beings should use his creations for livelihood (Mead, 2008).Bottom of Form When god created the universe, he tasked the Christians to care for the environment but some of them still don’t show the care thinking that it is not their responsibility to care for the environment (Nachtigall, 2008). Some believe that when Christ come back he will change the world the way it is so caring is not necessary. Many of them are concerned with the behavior of the environmentalist that places them above that of the creator. Some think that everything in the universe should be explained with respect to God or Christian values. They believe that Christians should only be focused on the things that will guarantee them the kingdom of heaven while paying no attention to earthly things. This people also think that if non Chri stians see them paying attention to earthly things they will think that they have nothing to focus on other than these earthly things. They will think that earthly things are of more importance to then Christians. Though this Christians arguments are prevalent God actually wants us to care of the universe and even the moral grounds dictates so. It is the responsibility for the Christians to take care of the environment (Mead, 2008). In these modern days the environmental challenges are threatening the existence of humanity that firstly supports its existence. Environmental problems are monster facing us and it can’t be wished away. Some of these challenges will have dire consequences if not sorted out early enough. There are many reasons why Christians should restore the environment. First, Christians should support God’s work by protecting gods’ creations (Nachtigall, 2008). God created the earth and human beings and placed them on earth to take care of it. Hen ce, Christians should not neglect the responsibility of working with God to protect and preserve all the creations. This will in turn ensure Christians preserve the environment and restore it. In addition, it will help Christians serve the Lord through the environment by preserving and conserving it. Second, Christians should start programs that focus on conserving the environment (Nachtigall, 2008). In religion, the only basic concept is to serve God and Holy Son; there is no concept of worldly concerns in the religion. This concept is what is driving Christians away from the topic of environmental conservations. All the holy people are always involved in the service of mankind so there is no point in staying away from the world. God has sent us all in this world for a purpose and we have to fulfill it. It is our own mistake if we do not understand it, and harm other people and this world. This is why there is need to understand the basic concept and relation between the nature and Christianity. One of the greatest challenges is the global warming. This is the trap of gases near the earth surface raising the temperatures just like in the green house. This effect is rising at an alarming rate and scientists are developing different models to explain and try to understand it. This increase in temperatures will cause

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