Monday, September 23, 2019

IRB questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

IRB questions - Essay Example When these expectations become inflated and exaggerated, the health of the marriage will suffer because the couple had a misguided belief on how they would behave toward one another. As an example, if a woman believes that marriage will mean that her husband will come home from work every night and spend his time discussing the day and being attentive to her needs, she may be surprised to find out that all he wants is his own space. However, if she realizes that the effort he went to in making sure that her car is running at top performance was his way of conveying his concern for her safety, then she might find a greater satisfaction in his behavior. Learning to understand the flow of these examples of romance that are not based on materialism or grandiose action, but on everyday subtleties in communications within relationships, can provide a future couples that are overwhelmed and inundated with a complex set of rules that are media driven and unrealistic into tempering those expectations so that joy can be found in the little ways in which two people interact. From the perspective of a researcher, understanding this part of the human experience will allow for a better understanding of the culture of marriage. In designing this research, it is hoped that the way in which fulfillment can be achieved is identified in order to encourage future research into human interaction within the emotional connection of love. 19. Describe methods for selecting subjects and assuring that their participation is voluntary. Attach a copy of the consent form that will be used. If no consent form will be used, explain the procedures used to ensure that participation is voluntary. Note: This information is particularly important in determining that there is no actual or implied coercion to participate. (See attached information on consent forms) Subjects will be selected through recommendations and introductions made by religious leaders within the local community.

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