Sunday, September 8, 2019

Non-Western Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Non-Western Christianity - Essay Example The Middle East is the foundation of Christianity, Judaism and Islam religion. The Old Testament prophesies the coming of Jesus Christ in the book of Isaiah. It also presents the Ten Commandments foundation of Judaism and Christianity. Despite Christianity acknowledging the death and resurrection of Jesus, it is also highly influenced by Judaism. Most Christians living in the Middle East still practice traditional Christianity (Armstrong, 87). There was great division among the traditional Christians in the period between the seventh to the thirteenth century. This resulted to establishment of western/Latin Christian branch (that is the Roman Church) and the Eastern/Greek branch (that is the Orthodox Church). These two sides had several differences and similarities. In both churches the nature of prayers as well as the physical gestures remained the same (Bailey, 49). In addition, baptism regeneration was recognized by both churches as a way of creating or strengthening an individual’s faith. In conclusion, the Roman and the Orthodox Church used similar religious symbols such as the cross, the dove (to symbolize Holy Spirit), the vine (to symbolize the connection of Christ and the church) among others. However, there exist differences in terms of liturgical calendar. The liturgical calendar of Western Church is analogous and is based on the Catholic Church cycles which commemorate all the events that occurred in the life of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, the liturgical calendar of Eastern Church is based on celebrations of Christ’s birth, death, resurrection and Pentecost (Bailey,

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