Thursday, September 26, 2019

Software Engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Software Engineering - Essay Example by which a hacker or a foreign source can enter in another system can exploit that system by deleting the data or stealing the information from that system thus the whole architecture of system can be modified. The vulnerabilities in chat application cause a lot of problem as it is to enter other system’s domain. The vulnerabilities are found in every operating system so if we are chatting either through Windows or through Linux or UNIX, we have to secure our system. There are many vulnerabilities found in which mainly are multiple vulnerabilities in Yahoo Messenger, multiple vulnerabilities in BIND and SNMP, Buffer Overflow in Microsofts MSN Chat ActiveX Control etc. In the case Yahoo Messenger, multiple vulnerabilities are found. The hacker can easily enter the domain of the other system and hack that system easily by using some codes which may be written in JAVA or some other languages. The yahoo messenger is use every where in the world and so it has to secures but still some soft spots exist. And vulnerabilities like a buffer overflow and URL validation vulnerability exist. The vulnerabilities like VU#137115, VU#172315 exist. These vulnerabilities are due to the buffer overflow in URI handler (VU#137115) and other one is caused as the addview function permits the other arbitrary codes to execute in its own system. Thus the hacker can send some scripts to other system and can exploit the situation. Thus due to these vulnerabilities and others the remote attacker can easily modify other system. The Yahoo Messenger has removed these vulnerabilities by using advance version like Yahoo! Messenger version 5,0,0,1058, released February 25, 2002 or by server side solution. The Yahoo Messenger whenever is

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