Monday, September 2, 2019

Hospice Essays -- Papers

Hospice In my essay I will explain what hospices are, what they do and how they do it. I will also cover who do it to and what their response is to what the hospice have provided them with. This essay will also explain how the hospice is the alternative to euthanasia, pain and suffering. The Hospice movement represents one Christian response to pain and suffering. What is a Hospice? A hospice is a home for the care of terminally ill (People who are dying). The aim of a hospice is to improve the quality of life of the dying person and bring relief to the family members. Hospices are different to hospitals because hospitals cure or treat patients for them to heal and go back into society until they need treatment again from an accident or check up etc. However hospices take care of the people who know their time is near so they go to this hospice to ease their pain and suffering and living the rest of their days feeling loved and valued. When they are in the Hospice they do not necessarily have to stay there and socialise with the other patients, they can also leave the hospice to go out and enjoy themselves. St Christopher's Hospice ======================== The founder of the modern hospice movement in Britain is Dame Cicerly Saunders who was born in (1918). She had first trained as a nurse but had to give up this because of a bad back. At one time of her career she became very close to a man named David Tasma. Dame Cicerly Saunders decided to set up the hospice because at the time of this relationship she realised there should be a place for the care of the sick people and wondered if she could set... ...because normally people would die with fear of what comes next but the hospice provides care for the mind so they have "Peace of mind." I also think that the hospice is good because difficult problems should be faced. A man once said "The key to immortality is living a life worth remembering." This quote actually came from Bruce Lee I'm amazed that at his age he was able to think of such a philosophy. The Christians agree with hospices because it is an alternative to euthanasia. They believe this because if someone went to ask for euthanasia and another to go to a hospice the person who went chose euthanasia would leave this world troubled because they don't know what is coming next. On the other hand the hospice gives them peace of mind and understanding that don't be afraid of god for he is merciful and loving.

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